March 23, 2009

Jay Breitling from Clicky Clicky Music Blog wrote up a nice piece on our record release show last week – Thanks, Jay!


“If you’ve been attuned to the Boston-based portion of the Midriff Records cohort for the last few years, you’ve likely heard more talk about the band The Spanish Armada than you’ve actually heard music. The band’s debut long-player, prior to its release last week, sat in the can ready to go for quite a while. And then at some point the core duo of Greg Lyon and L. Tiburon Pacifico augmented the collection with a battery of overdubs. The finished product being celebrated with a record-release show Saturday is a mysterious, atmospheric mix of the crystalline and the noisy, and is filled with compositions whose aural topography is remarkably disparate. There is a lot of space, and there is a lot of stuff, and all of it is artfully arranged around Mr. Lyon’s murmured, pointedly feel-bad vocals.
And so the biggest question Saturday night was how will The Spanish Armada — now a quintet with a three-guitar attack, a bass player like Dee Dee Ramone, and an impressively fluid new drummer — translate all the work in the studio to the stage performance. We spoke briefly with Mr. Pacifico prior to showtime and he said the band had worked hard on re-wiring its dynamic after drummer Dan Parlin moved to guitar and David Kaplan was brought in to command the drum kit. The effort seemed to pay off, as each of the three guitar players (wielding perhaps four times as many noise-shaping guitar pedals) during the six-song set worked in his own space and left no sludge in the palpable wake. Even so, Lyon’s dour whispers and mumbles — clearly presented on The Spanish Armada — struggled to get atop the room mix, despite occasional support from bassist Logan Hodson. 

But on the whole The Spanish Armada’s set, which opened with the brilliantly titled new track “Sinking Off The Coast Of Spain,” succeeded in charting a Mogwai-ish bearing throughout about 40 minutes. While the songs can get very heavy and occasionally aggressive on the self-titled record, it is interesting that the live unit cast the tracks as some golden mean between Sonic Youth and Neil Young. Perhaps it was just Lyon’s flannel shirt. But we think it was more the flavor that this iteration of The Spanish Armada brings to the material. It’s little surprise that the highlight of the set was the one-two punch of the strongest songs on The Spanish Armada, “Captain’s Gone” and “Start Writing Up The Truce.” The live airing of the former didn’t include the cool piano denoument of the studio recording, but the swathes of guitar noise in its place were very cool. The act currently has no other live dates booked, but we expect to see more of them on area stages as the promotion for the new set heats up. In the meantime, have a listen to the album opener “On The Giving And Receiving” below.”


We’re having a party, please come.

March 10, 2009


We’ll be playing our record release show this Saturday, March 14th, with a couple of great bands. We would love to see you there!



March 9, 2009

The first review for our S/T release is in! Thanks to the fine folks at Built on a Weak Spot for taking the time to write it up.


February 19, 2009

“As the story often goes for quite a few bands, The Spanish Armada came together after member Greg Lyon began tinkering around with ideas for songs that couldn’t quite fit into his other projects. After awhile other members were brought in and began to contribute to the songs and just like that it became a full band. Now a five piece based out of Boston, MA The Spanish Armada are nearly set to release their full-length debut self-titled album through Midriff Records on March 10th.

What the The Spanish Armada gives you on their debut is an excellent helping of hazy moody indie-rock that draws some from Sonic Youth’s lo-fi experimentalism along with a bit of a shoegazy melodic swirl that gives the band at times an eerie dark ambiance that is helped along by the bands often darkly themed lyrics. The band categorizes themselves as a noise-rock outfit, but this most definitely isn’t the sort of noise that strikes with sludge filled bass or in the red raw recording methods, no, this is the sort of noise that is deceptively delicate and finds its craft through many hidden melodies buried underneath the layers of wandering guitar work and fuzz. Repeated listens prove to be even more rewarding as the songs begin to reveal themselves further. Definitely give this album a listen, especially for those that enjoy a bit of a somber vibe to their haziness.”


It’s finally here…

March 9, 2009

The Spanish Armada S/T

We are extremely pleased to announce the release of our self-titled debut record on Midriff Records. It’s been a long time in the making, and we couldn’t be more excited for this thing to see the light of day – many, many thanks go to everyone that worked on the record and, of course, all of you for listening.

You can order the record here


Dinkstock ’09

January 14, 2009

February 21, 2009
Quincy, MA


This is a benefit show for our friend Dink.   It promises to be an amazing time, with lots of wonderful bands (see the flyer for a comprehensive list).  We’re very excited about playing this show. And … allegedly, you will be able to buy our forthcoming debut self-titled CD at the show, with all proceeds going to the cause. See what we did there? We make YOU the dick for not buying our record.


Great Scott, Allston MA, 1/22/2009

January 9, 2009



Firehouse 13, Providence, RI – 12/19/2008

December 16, 2008

The Spanish Armada will be performing at Firehouse 13 on Friday, December 19th, 2008 with BA-NA-NAS and Bright White Lights.